Fitness is a Lifestyle. Join the Movement!


Fitness has always been a part of Torri’s life. From an early age to current day, she has trained and succeeded in various sports such as swimming, soccer, martial arts including karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, weight lifting, equestrian, tennis, snowboarding and most recently; marathons and triathlons.

  • AFAA (Aerobics & Fitness Association of America)
  • Tier 3 trainer Equinox
  • Barry’s bootcamp trainer
  • Sky sport

Torri on Being on Tour:

  Torri has become one of the most sought after Trainers In the Music Business. If she is not out on tour with a major name client she is usually out on location getting clients ready for upcoming album releases and forthcoming tour dates. She has also formed a partnership with the food delivery service; to fulfill all her clients diet needs. Torri leads private and exclusive fitness retreats twice per year that are 7-day getaways to jump-start an individual’s health, fitness and overall wellness. 


Fitness According to Torri:

Fitness is a lifestyle. Join the movement! You have to decide to take the action regardless how you feel, barring any injuries and you're getting the proper amount of rest. Nutrition is super important and I can help you with that to, whether you're a omnivore or vegan, I got it dialed in.

Step-Down Philosophy:

Torri has a proprietary proven program that not only trains your body during your time you spend with her, but she teaches you how to make this way of life part of your natural routine. It's a 90-day program where you're going hard with her often and she graduates you, stepping down the frequency of your sessions over the course of 3 months, until you're self-sufficient on your own. You'll learn how to maintain all of your physical gains and put into practice all of the knowledge she'll share with you.

Torri on Nutrition:

Torri works in Partnership with the best Registered Dietatians in the Business.  Her personal Diet is a plant based whole foods diet.  No artifical sweetners, Non-GMO, organic based whole foods is the best source for optimal health.  With the help of a RD she will formulate a Nutrition Program based specifically for your dietary and lifestyle needs.

Your Optimal Weight:

If you weigh 150 pounds and your best friend weighs 150 pounds, why do you have to work so much harder to maintain? New research tells us that after losing a significant amount of weight, it may take years to reset your baseline. But don't give up! I will help you determine your baseline weight and how to move thru any plateaus you are or will be experiencing.  The key to losing weight and keeping it off is by staying consistent with your healthy diet and exercise routine.


First Session With Torri:

The first initial session will consist of a complete health history of you and your family.  We will go over any pre-existing injuries and address all your fears, questions and concerns.  It will also include an initial fitness assessment to determine your baseline fitness level.  From the initial session, Torri will formulate a specific nutrition and training regimen for you and your specific goals.  Each subsequent session will build on the last session.  There are 3 Phases to the training program: Phase 1- will be working on developing good form and basic strength training skills.  Phase 2- incorporating balance and coordination work along with increased levels of volume and intensity that were mastered in Phase 1.  Phase 3- aka “Beast Mode” phase – which includes adding in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Plyometric training while simultaneously increasing load and intensity variables from phase 1 & 2.  This is where it all comes together and you will feel like a legitimate athlete regardless of your day job.