Torri has all the bases covered to keep you fit and healthy, in person, on tour, at your home or even on Skype.  She has packages available for all the services listed below.  Email her for more information at



Personal Training

"Let's do this!"  Torri's Philosophy and training style is all about training for life. What does that mean?  It means the Gym is wherever you are!  Whether its in a hotel room, an office conference room, outside, back stage, in a parking lot, on a tour bus, at the beach, with or without equipment. She will coach you and train you by making the most out of any given location. Torri really is the "No Excuses" Training approach.  Its not about a fad gimick, or a particular modality of training, or a specific gym... She brings a coaching style that is all her own, its intense, results driven, Inspiring, and best of all its Proven!  There is a reason why the best names in the Music business source her out to get them ready for Tour... contact her today and you will get the results with Torri Shack as your Coach.

Torri Shack Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Torri will travel to the office and get the whole team Fit together!  She has worked withn a huge spectrum of various businesses doing on location training for bosses and the team.  Law Firms, Churches, Online Media Compines, Energy Drink Headquarters, Music Label's, Schools. If you are interested please have your HR representative or owner contact Torri to get it set up. 

Outdoor Group Fitness

Group Training

Torri is the co-founder of "ThankDog Bootcamp!" The Nations first Bootamp for Dogs and thier owners! Bootcamp and Group Fitness is how it all began for her 8 years ago. She started teaching at an indoor bootcamp facility and the rest is history..she was made for Group Fitness and it quickly became her passion.  She currently teaches Private exclusive Bootcamp classes all over the Greater Los Angeles Area.  Contact her if you would like to set up some classes or if your a Bride and want to get "Fit for the Wedding" with your bridal Party. 

Torri Shack Grocery and Nutrition Services

Supermarket Visit

Torri will go to Whole Foods with you and tracy you where in the store to shop, and what aisles to stay away from. She'll teach you healthy snack options and prepare a shopping list for your weekly runs. Torri is big on reading labels, so she'll teach you the ins-and-outs on how to do that and what to watch out for. She also knows of very gourmet niche specialty markets in and around Los Angeles that she can also talk to you about if you have specific dietary needs, like vegan supermarkets.

Vegan Meal

Nutrition & Food Delivery Services

Whether your at the office, at home, in rehearsals, at school or on the road, Torri has a food and nutrition program that is PROVEN effective and doable.  It'ss the 'No Excuses" Healthy Lifestyle "go-to" for the working 9 to 5 professional and celebrities alike.  She has partnered with a food delivery service that makes fresh daily prepared meals delivered right to your door or office possible no matter how busy you are.  "Torri's Food Delivery program is absolutely affordable and doable... I thought I would hate the food and the price but it all turned out to be the best thing I ever did for taught me what a real portion is so that when I went off the "bag" as she calls it I was able to maintain what I had learned.  I also love that it comes with a 3-7 day juice clense option to get me started and detox before I dove into the entire food delivery." Ethiopia H, President UMG Publishing.  Contact Torri now to get started and mention "the bag" in your e-mail for a free day promotion. 

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Click Skype logo to launch 

Click Skype logo to launch 

Torri Shack's Effective Skype Sessions

Torri does Skype sessions either when you're traveling, not living in the same city, or when she travels with clients.  The Skype option is also great if your on a budget and want a more affordable option to having Torri as your trainer. Torri is in high demand but don't stress if schedules don't synch all the time, she has a team of elite trainers all over the country that will work with you when she is out on tour being a Trainer Rock Star!  All training programs and trainers top notch and subscribe to same philosophies.  Her extended team is rock solid and is there to ensure that your routine stays on point with or with out her.